10 Questions for Choosing Bible Study Curriculum

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Need help choosing Bible study curriculum for your children or youth? Use our 10 questions below to evaluate curriculum. Add questions that are particular to your church. Then, make good choices.

  1. Is the curriculum Biblically based as compared with being centered on social issues or human development?
  2. Is the process for interpretation of scripture consistent with the process taught in your church?
  1. Are the expectations of the curriculum consistent with the abilities of the youth and children in your congregation?
  1. Is the theology presented in the curriculum consistent with the great themes of the Bible and your church?
  1. Does the curriculum attempt to relate Biblical material to the real-life situations of the young people so that the scriptures become relevant?
  1. Does the curriculum have a variety of activities that respond to the students’ various styles of learning? What learning styles are emphasized and which are missing?
  2. Does the curriculum provide clear, easy to follow directions for the teachers? Do teachers feel supported and nurtured in their teaching task?
  1. Will the curriculum help young people develop thinking skills so that they are encouraged to ask questions, to seek answers and to grow in their understandings?
  1. Is the curriculum permanent or dated? Dated material must be purchased every quarter or every year.
  1. Is the company that produces the curriculum in good standing, with plans to be in business for the foreseeable future?

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  • Thank you for the post, Suzie,

    Point number six is powerful, singularly teaching the Bible might work, however, the results are likely to be limited. Many youths have developed their learning styles, and to engage them we must adapt our lesson plan to engage their learning style. I can recall a time when I was younger, and someone wanted to teach me how to play a musical instrument, sheet music wasn’t “clicking” with me, but when the teacher switched over to tablature and hands-on learning, I was able to learn and have fun doing it.


    Matt on

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