Seeking Excellent Curriculum?

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What is excellent Bible study curriculum? 

  • The student is engaged and grows as an intelligent, biblically-informed disciple and
  • The teacher has a flexible, creative, theologically-sound, age appropriate resource.


How do you identify that curriculum? 

Does the curriculum offer...

>ways to develop thinking skills so that students are encouraged to ask questions, seek answers, and grow in their understandings

>teaching methods and activities for all ways of learning

>concise, in-depth Bible background

>spiritual practices woven in for both teachers and students

>easy to follow lesson plans and helpful teaching tips

>a home connection component

>an approach that builds relationships between peers and between generations

>theology that is consistent with the great themes of the Bible

>interpretation of scripture that is consistent with the process of interpretation taught in your church

>biblical material related to real life situations of your children and youth

GenOn Ministries' Faith for Life Bible study curriculum offers ALL this in a permanent, downloadable format. 

Other curriculum is dated material that is purchased every quarter or every year. Permanent curriculum is taught as each grade (or combination of grades) enters that level, so is only purchased once.

When Faith for Life was being written, the managing editors Donald and Patricia Griggs framed the task and challenged the writers with these questions:

What is most important for students to know by the time they finish 8th grade?

What are the developmental characteristics of each age group?

What are the skills each grade level is learning in school?

What are the appropriate Bible/theological subjects for each grade level?

Faith for Life is for those teaching Kindergarten through 8th grade in LOGOS (and other midweek ministries), Sunday school or Christian schools. Course 8 is particularly appropriate as a confirmation course. 

CLICK HERE to read more about Faith for Life and to download free sample sessions.

Churches that purchased earlier versions of Faith for Life courses after 7/2014 will receive the revised version of the same course at a reduced cost. Please inquire. 

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