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Google has discovered that the secret to “being a productive team” is to be nice. What GenOn Ministries has been teaching for over 50 years (The one rule of LOGOS: “Treat one another as a child of God. No one has the right to be treated as if they do not matter") Google took several years of interviewing hundreds of employees and who knows at what cost to come to the same conclusion. We could have told you that, Google.

And it’s not just the LOGOS “one rule.” Google also concluded from their extensive study that when we feel it’s safe to take risks and share ideas without fear of being humiliated (what they call “psychological safety”) team performance is “boosted.” It’s what GenOn teaches about Christian relationships in our theograms (pictures to explain theology)--experiencing “Kingdom of God living.” Heaven on earth. Love.

It’s taught and lived out and corrected and lived out in churches all over the US and Canada in weekly LOGOS. People of all ages eating together, playing together, preparing for worship together and studying God’s Word together. Treating one another as children of God. Heaven on earth. Love.

Here’s the whole article about the ground-breaking research.

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  • Liz, the church does pretty well thanks to grasping what you grasp. I wonder what Google will look like in 2,000 years. We struggle with a message of respect in an age in which people are experimenting the the joys of disrespect. Dumping on people is fun. The consequences of dumping on people is ultimately disastrous,. Most people don’t know that yet. When they do, they will listen to those who know what works. Keep on being a light! The Message Matters.

    Jamie Tyrrell on

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