They never kicked me out when they could have

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Rev. Brian Diebold, pastor of Verona United Presbyterian Church (Pittsburgh, PA) says…

“I grew up going to LOGOS at First Presbyterian Church, Ottumwa, Iowa. I always knew I wanted to be a pastor, though I didn't make things easy on my teachers and youth leaders. I was a handful, and part of the reason that I am a pastor today is that the people at my church stuck with me and never kicked me out when they easily could have.

When we were looking for a way to supplement our after school ministry at Verona United Presbyterian, LOGOS seemed like a natural fit because LOGOS is intentional about forming Christian relationships and discipleship. I'm sure my former teachers would appreciate the irony of me being involved with starting LOGOS as an adult.                                                                                                                                                                      

We've had some struggles. We began last February (in the middle of the polar vortex!) and had trouble getting many children to come. We found that many parents were unable to pay a registration fee or to help out as volunteers. We decided to ease back some of the requirements in order to better match the dynamics of the neighborhood we serve.














Our church receives reimbursement for our LOGOS meals through a state run program since we qualify as an "at-risk" neighborhood. Receiving that money for meals served meant that our main expenses were advertising and book costs. Our church felt that this was a worthy investment on behalf of the children.



Our goal is to build up the program and get a number of children participating in, and valuing, what we offer. We then hope to slowly reintroduce some of the requirements (for parent participation) as we go. People in our congregation are eager to participate because they have been hungry for exactly the type of community that LOGOS fosters.

We were hoping that LOGOS would be a place where Christian community would form and deepen, and that has definitely happened. We still desire to see more connections form with the congregation on Sunday mornings, and we keep inviting the group of teenagers who sit on our front stoop to come in for the program with no luck, but we keep trying, and trusting God along the way.”

GenOn’s donors were there when young Brian was growing up in LOGOS. GenOn’s donors were there when Rev. Brian started LOGOS as an outreach for the community.Are GenOn’s donors still here today?

GenOn Ministries relies on support from people who love LOGOS to help keep our resource and training prices affordable for all churches. Together we share the high vision of Christian community through intergenerational relationships.

Will you make a donation today to partner with us to keep that high vision going strong?


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