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We’re often asked to explain why LOGOS is an intergenerational gathering. Does it mean that there are classes and choirs for the adults as well as the children and youth? Our answer is that it could mean that! But more importantly it means that the adults are involved more on the giving and mentoring end rather than the receiving and learning end. And of course, the more we give and mentor, the more we receive and learn! LOGOS is primarily a ministry to benefit the young people in the church and requires the participation of many adults to teach, lead, guide, play with, worship with, and eat with the children and youth—that’s when the many strong relationships will be developed. If you’ve got plenty of adults to accomplish those roles then by all means also offer some “adult only” time—it’s great to build those relationships too (but not the primary focus).

We’re also asked if “intergenerational” means that all ages are doing all parts together all evening. Our answer is that it could mean that! But more often there’s an intentional segmenting of ages to foster the peer relationships and match learning and development stages. We recommend Bible study and recreation groups for like-aged young people. Plenty of adults are involved in each group—not (only) for “crowd control” but so everyone really gets to know one another. It’s also good to build in all-age gathering times or special evenings with everyone together.

There are many types of relationships LOGOS is seeking to build:

With peers:  children and youth do not normally attend church for theological or spiritual reasons; kids go where their friends are

With multiple generations: young people need the care, support and love of mature Christian adults

With family: parents are the primary spiritual nurturers of their children and so offering experiences that the whole family can attend together is beneficial

With God through Jesus Christ: the most important relationship of all and what we believe is the most important relationship that the church nurtures


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