Building Good Ministry Today for Tomorrow’s Young Disciples

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Good ministry, according to GenOn Program Director Suzie Lane, is not just for those in the church today. It's also for those who are to come.






When we as church leaders plan for building young disciples, we make decisions about what activities our children or youth are interested in, where they like to go for mission work, and what current culture requires for relevant discussion and study.






But what if instead of focusing on "these kids" in church today, we considered what our plans might mean for future generations - for the children and grandchildren of "these kids"?






What curriculum can we offer to build a solid biblical foundation? What traditions can we create that keep teens and young adults recognizing the importance of a faith in Jesus Christ? What relationships can we nurture so that when youth graduate from youth group or confirmation, they don't graduate from church? How intentional are we about calling adults to teach, lead and table parent so that we're not plugging programming holes but inviting gifted and energized people of all ages into service?






GenOn Ministries offers resources that provide for these "future generations" as well as for those in the church now.






Take a look at our Faith for Life Bible study curriculum. I'm teaching the 7th grade course this year in LOGOS and am reminded of its excellence.






Bring your high schoolers to one of our summer Youth Summits in Colorado or West Virginia, where they'll have time for mission work. Registration is now open.






Plan to train and equip your LOGOS volunteers in 2015. We love to help customize for your needs - including getting LOGOS up and running.






Give us a call, send us an email or contact us on Facebook. We’re looking forward to connecting with you in 2015!



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