Mr. Ernie!

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I like reminders! And I need reminders. I put lots of notes on my calendars (both paper and electronic), on my iPhone “to do” list, sticky notes here and there around my desk and on my kitchen cabinets. I have a Bible app that prods me to read each day (again and again).


I especially like reminders of another sort—stories or even commercials that remind me that God wants us to know it’s important to care for and about one another. Good, healthy relationships. And especially the intergenerational kind. Here’s my latest favorite commercial. I showed it for our church’s LOGOS Volunteer Training Night recently (it’s how we always kick off the second half of our program year). The commercial is from UPS about a four year old boy named Carson and a UPS driver he calls “Mr. Ernie.” Maybe you’ll see the reminders too in this simple  two-and-a-half minute ad.

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