Road Trip: Connections in the Car

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Each Wednesday, I pick up Mary and Neera for LOGOS and then take them home afterward. Their mother doesn't drive, and their father's work schedule prevents him from taking them to or from LOGOS. The girls really wanted to come to LOGOS, and so a bit reluctantly I agreed to drive them each week.

In the car, we chat about their day at school (kindergarten and first grade) -- what they're reading and what they played at recess. We also talk about the night's theme and menu for LOGOS (I'm in charge of the meals!). I don't see them during LOGOS. So on the way home, we talk about what they sang in choir, what they did in Recreation and what they thought of dinner. They're polite enough to always tell me dinner was delicious!

Recently Mary told me that every morning they come into their parents' room before breakfast. Their mom prays and they read their children's Bible. Their little brother and sister (18-month-old twins) sit quietly. I found myself wishing I did any of those things every morning.

It's never just a one-way conversation though, with me asking all the questions and hearing their sweet answers. They want to know what my favorite book was when I was young, where I went to school, and even about my favorite thing in LOGOS on a particular night. In nearly 25 years, I don't think anyone's ever asked me that before!

Though I love nearly everything about my LOGOS evening -- the camaraderie of the kitchen, the rambunctiousness of my middle-school Bible class (most nights), and our all-group closing song and prayer time -- I think my 10-minute road trips with Mary and Neera are my favorite part. And they may even agree. Or at least they'll be polite enough to say they do!

How do you connect with children in your church? Send us an email or contact us on Facebook to share your story. We're looking forward to connecting with you in 2015!

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