Are you growing or shrinking?

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Immersed in three days of learning is always a treat (something I didn't appreciate as much years ago). Those of you who attend conferences know the learning doesn't just happen in the workshop or at the plenary session (though certainly there!). Attending the e-Formation Conference at Virginia Theological Seminary alone meant I ate with strangers for the most part and yet was struck by fascinating conversation and connections (and learning!) over every single meal--and walks across the seminary campus to and from the meals.

I bumped into a few people I know (check out Rev. Casey Wait FitzGerald's biblical storytelling blog and John Roberto's intergenerational faith formation website) which is always a pleasure (and more learning). I had the added blessing of staying with a dear friend from college and being immersed in her family's life for those three days (and a nice dinner out). Aren't relationships amazing?

Never stop learning. Never stop reading and wondering and asking and meeting new people or reconnecting with "old" people. Otherwise you don't grow, you shrink. There's no such thing as staying still in life (that's death). 

Here's to growing spiritually and relationally--wider and deeper--every day. 

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  • Thanks for these thoughts. Being willing to reach out to people we don’t know and sharing and receiving is the heart of the gospel. Strangers become friends and in the case of the church, hopefully brothers and sisters in Christ.

    anna taylor sweringen on

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