Love even when we don't like

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Lord have mercy on the people of Charleston, South Carolina. Lord have mercy on us all. In a world filled with hatred and sadness, followers of Jesus Christ are called to bring light and love. We do that through relationships. Christ-centered relationships. What does that mean? It means we love even when we don’t like. It means we try to see one another through God’s eyes, not our own. It means we take scary risks to make ourselves vulnerable to others in order to deepen trust and commitment to others. Why? Because Jesus said so (commanded, actually). “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” No qualifiers about who and when. Love one another (all others).

Here’s a short video GenOn Ministries created which is at the core of all we teach to help explain what Christ-centered relationships are and why they are necessary in order to get a glimpse of “kingdom of God living” right here, right now. May God be with us all. 

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