Bringing faith to the everyday for our children and grandchildren?

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How does your family find ways to bring the Christian faith to the everyday? Is this important to grandparents too? (of course it is!)

GenOn Ministries is passionate about providing opportunities for children and youth to connect with Christian adults--parents, grandparents, and others outside the family--to encourage their connection with God.

Search Institute has some good information about why this is important. Sticky Faith says so too. Holly Allen and Christine Lawton have written about it in “Intergenerational Christian Formation.” John Roberto of Lifelong Faith Associates has much on the topic. Vibrant Faith and Faith Alive are organizations that encourage cross-generational faith development. The Bible certainly has plenty of wisdom about connecting the generations through faith! We have scads of links to explore on this page of our website.

Through training and resources for LOGOS midweek ministry and other intergenerational events, we help the church help this happen.

And in your home? In preparing some materials to bring our “Full Plate” workshop to a Nebraska church, I was reminded of how busy many families are and how important it is to find ways to weave faith conversations and practices into the everyday. Breakfast, bath time, drive time, and all the in-betweens.

Faith Inkubators’ Faith 5 is a great “do anywhere” practice. Big Ideas in Youth Ministry has Faith Word Teaser boxes for use in lots of settings.

What works for you in bringing the generations together for faith formation outside the church walls?

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  • And the cost of Family ’round the Table is SO affordable at .99 for the app and only $10 for the download!

    Suzie Lane on

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