60 Years of Nurturing Intergenerational Relationships in Churches

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From two pastors who "grew up" in LOGOS midweek ministry:

“The power of intergenerational connection through LOGOS has been central to my approach to ministry. While the trend among many churches is to have separate events (and even worship) for children and youth, my own experience of these multigenerational connections later revealed to me how formational that was to my own journey of faith. But if there is one foundational understanding that has stuck with me throughout the years, it is the one on the buttons we used to make and wear: ‘I am a Child of God.’”
Rev. Mark Bender, Senior Minister, First Christian Church, Wichita Falls, Texas


“Simply (through LOGOS) I learned that church was where I belonged—whether I was being silly or serious, pious or messy, loud or at peace. It never occurred to me that I didn’t belong in any part of the church—including, eventually, the pulpit! It also never occurred to me that I would have to partition my ministry to a particular portion of the congregation. I love working with—and being with—all ages.”
Rev. Carol Holbrook Prickett, Pastor, Crescent Springs Presbyterian Church, Crescent Springs, Kentucky

2023 marks the 60th Anniversary of GenOn Ministries and 50 years of youth conferences. Since the first Youth Club gathering at Beulah Presbyterian Church (circa 1963) we have been a catalyst in nurturing Christ-centered intergenerational relationships. And now, it’s time to celebrate! Thousands of people have played a critical role in the longtime strength of our ministry and allowed us to continue looking ahead. Join us in the storytelling and celebration this year. We have begun to hear from those who “grew up” in LOGOS and/or attended the summer youth conference. We are excited to share their stories and insights on the impact on their ministry.

Do you have your own story to tell about your experience? Share it here.

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  • LOGOS/GenOn has influenced my life for the past 37 years. I first used LOGOS when I was a church youth director. Then I was VP of Special Projects on national staff with LOGOS and made 10 trips to Russia and one to India teaching and sharing with fellow team members LOGOS across those two huge countries.

    I started Wings For LIFE International as a special project of LOGOS and have done Wings for 28 years. We hold community and prison family days (which look like a LOGOS meeting for all ages) and I’ve done work in 20 states, India, Kenya, and Liberia, W. Africa.

    LOGOS/GenOn is transformational and brings people to Christ in the most wonderful, relational, and genuine way. Dale Milligan’s vision of LOGOS has changed my life and countless others around the world!

    Ann Edenfield Sweet on

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