Who says LOGOS is just for kids?

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Carole Witt, Opequon Presbyterian Church, Winchester, Va.

Officially LOGOS is for children and youth, Kindergarten-12th grade. But we really know that LOGOS is for kids of all ages. High school seniors and senior citizens, too!

Calling older adults to a LOGOS staff brings true balance to the program and makes it complete. These incredible older adults add tremendous value through their gifts as greeters, snack providers, transportation providers, homework helpers, kitchen team members, Bible teachers and table parents.

Older adults offer sincere wisdom, a sense of security, laughter, patience and peace to LOGOS participants. In return, children often give older adults heartwarming, tender nicknames. The relationships that develop and grow across generations because of LOGOS rarely happen anywhere else in the life of the church.

When participants and volunteers make a strong weekly commitment to LOGOS, this program becomes the mid-week bridge for young and old to see each other in a different context.

They are genuinely interested in the LOGOS young people and treat them like the special children of God they are. Older adults serve as excellent role models for children and youth. It is a true give and take relationship as older adults are so naturally integrated into the LOGOS ministry.

The value of older adults eating with children each week, serving on a kitchen team, greeting children as they arrive, helping to teach a Bible class or lead a worship group is beyond words. Everyone is able to see the goodness, playfulness, and love for God within one another.

From week to week, year after year, the generations learn to appreciate and love each other as they all strive to live lives of discipleship. Older adults involved in LOGOS is irreplaceable!

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