A Ringing Success

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I'm in the church hand bell choir because a friend asked me to join. Carrie is our LOGOS director, and she got bells switched to Wednesday nights to follow LOGOS so that more people might join. And they have. 

We are a mix of LOGOS volunteers with a history of ringing (so patient with newcomers), veteran ringers who arrive after LOGOS (so patient with newcomers), musically talented youth (so patient with newcomers), and me (the newcomer). We also have a patient and encouraging director. 

I'm not "musical" - unless spoons count. But I love music. And if I concentrate really hard on the beats, I can play music! In worship! 

I've always known (and have taught in LOGOS training) that working together preparing for worship leadership grows relationships. We depend on each other - even showing up is incredibly important in the bell choir. We help each other, though I'm still more the receiver than the giver - unless you count my helping the sweet middle-schooler next to me pay attention. But then he helps me count beats. We encourage one another. I wanted to clap for us after we rang during Advent. We did it! God was glorified! I didn't mess up!

I love that we have a wide range of ages. It's not the youth or adult bell choir. It's just the bell choir. We span about 50+ years - about five generations! At GenOn we define intergenerational ministry as:

  • Bringing together at least two generations in planned and purposeful settings (check)
  • Investing in one another and in their faith community (check)
  • Intentionally encouraging Christian relationships (check)

I was ready to say "no" after my Advent trial run. But I'm already heavily invested in the relationships and don't want to give it up. On to Palm Sunday rehearsals! 

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