A Bone to Pick

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By Betsy Dishman, Training Coordinator, GenOn Ministries

Bones...a term of endearment to churches with LOGOS ministries, but admittedly insider language. What does an excellent design for ministry with children and youth have to do with bones? Historically, (after over 50 years of refining LOGOS ministry you can use that word) the bones gave churches a structure for their programs; flexible, but never to be broken. Currently, GenOn Ministries recognizes that bones come in all shapes and sizes, and are unique to each individual. Likewise, LOGOS Bones, while still the structure, look different from church to church, small to large, urban to rural, Baptist to Lutheran. To learn more, click here for a free downloadable summary.

The LOGOS Bone I would like to pick is "Equipping Leadership". GenOn knows (from 50+ years of experience) that LOGOS ministries in churches ebb and flow, start and stop, and occasionally flounder. Why? Many reasons, including everything from staff changes, to worn out volunteers, to loss of vision.

To help LOGOS churches thrive and avoid these pitfalls, a piece of this Bone is the highly recommended 3 Year Training Cycle pictured below. With clusters of LOGOS churches all over the country, it's possible to join forces and collaborate to bring what is most needed to your area, while sharing the costs and hosting duties. It's an ongoing, perpetual, flexible cycle, supported by GenOn, which will yield decades of excellent ministry with children and youth from one GENeratiON to the next. For more information on developing a thriving LOGOS ministry, please visit us here.

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