Celebrating in the Pandemic: A Growth Group Journey

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intergenerational church holiday

A look at one church’s journey with GenOn’s Growth Group for Intergenerational Ministry during the pandemic:

“We’ve been going against the wind with this process (and value that); not just waiting it out (which is more passive). Just the act of planning something was heroic.”

- Lew Parks, pastor, Growth Group team leader, Mt. Olivet United Methodist

Lew and his team chose to focus on Fellowship from the four Ministry Areas – Worship, Study, Service and Fellowship. Their goal was “to celebrate holy days of the church year and religious themes in secular holidays through festive fellowship events that feature holiday traditions, interactive Bible study, food and activities.” They developed a plan for four gatherings during Advent, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. As the team discovered more about intergenerational fellowship, they decided to partner with at least one group or constituency from outside the church for each event, and where possible, make connections to Sunday morning worship services. While this type of cohort learning takes dedication, the results for this congregation will be far reaching as they seek to cultivate Christ-centered community!

intergenerational church holidayintergenerational church holiday



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