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“We started LOGOS with a ‘soft launch’—only doing two of the elements (Family Time and Bible Study) until we have more buy-in. We have very few children in our small church, but we want to build relationships between the children and the adults. 

We had 50 people come to the first night…seven of which were children.

There was a child at each table with adults surrounding that child and sharing and caring for them. My congregation has never been so excited about an event! 

I've been getting phone calls all day about how much the members enjoyed everything! It's a new day for intergenerational ministry at Grace! Thank you LOGOS!”

Rev. Joshua Noah is pastoring his first church—Grace Presbyterian Church, Crystal City, MO—after graduating from Princeton Seminary where he learned about LOGOS from another seminary student.  

He says he’s doing LOGOS because of the importance of being an intergenerational church and he appreciates the model of the early church with all ages together. 

For Joshua, LOGOS makes that happen and he needed structure with flexibility—which he learned at a GenOn training event and by networking with other LOGOS churches. He says they’re plugging their own personality into what they’ve learned. 

GenOn Ministries is thrilled to be a part of developing disciples of all ages at Grace Presbyterian Church.

When you donate to GenOn, you are a part of that too. We want this for every church.

We want it so much that we’ve made it our vision:

A world filled with thriving Christian communities

We know you’re busy and have lots of great causes vying for your time and attention so we have made it easy to donate.

Donations can be made electronically on our secure website: 

Submit a donation online here

Crystal City is a community where one-third live below the poverty line. Grace Presbyterian is laying a solid foundation by building relationships through LOGOS within the church first, and then next spring they will reach out to invite the wider community to participate. LOGOS, and GenOn Ministries, will help them do that.  

Will you help too by making a donation today? 

GenOn Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is funded by training events, resource sales, individual donations, and churches that intentionally partner with us in ministry.

LOGOS training and program resources…solid Bible study curriculum…outstanding annual youth gatherings…intergenerational ministry training and support…personalized attention…over 50 years of experience…a heart for children and youth in all stages of their walk with Christ

...and more to come with your help. 

We are so excited! 

Peace in Christ,
Liz Perraud
Executive Director
GenOn Ministries

P.S. That picture below is of two new best friends because of LOGOS (ages 90 and 4). 

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