Seminary Corner: Studying with All Generations

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Andre Jordan Wallace
Andre Jordan "AJ" Wallace
Second Year Student
Princeton Seminary

Some of the most generative experiences of God revealing Godself to me has occurred in the context of studying and meditating on the text in community. But if I am honest, these occasions of engaging the word have never been with members from every age demographic present in my church communities. 

I think much of church liturgy has some element of exclusion baked into it, and we have grown accustomed to the cycles of siloed Bible studiesWhen it comes to studying the word, we have normalized not having regular rhythms of intergenerational engagement. As someone who believes that the unique context of every person shapes how God reveals Godself in the textI think we are often missing out on being formed by the diverse members of our worshipping communities through the limitations we have placed on our communal practices of Bible study 

can’t help but turn to the inclusiveness of Jesus’ ministry as a model for how we can integrate rhythms of studying the text as a whole church community rather than in isolated pockets all the timeAnd as God continues to dwell among us, may we be open to the unique ways God is revealed to all of us through the word by sharing times of study with all generations present in our church communities. 

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