Denominations Come Together for a Common Purpose

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Betsy Dishman
Training Coordinator
GenOn Ministries


What would inspire seven churches, including Presbyterian (PCUSA), United Methodist, Presbyterian (ECO), Nondenominational, and Free Methodist to gather together? If you answered, “a desire to provide excellent ministry for children and youth,” you’re right! This common goal helps to build bridges in communities where Christian churches of various denominations and backgrounds can benefit from learning and networking together.


Recently First Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg, VA offered a Children’s Ministry Gathering led by GenOn. The takeaways for participants could be applied to midweek ministry, Sunday mornings in Sunday School or LIFT, and other areas of church life. Those attending were reminded that nurturing others into abundant life-giving relationships with God through Jesus Christ is the most important thing the church ever does.

The following topics were explored: What are Christ-centered relationships? How do we call volunteers to serve using their gifts? How do we care for our leaders? The experiential components included Bible Study, Recreation, Worship Arts, and a Family Time meal to help everyone become more effective leaders in their own churches.

How many of these seven churches have LOGOS ministries? One church is restarting LOGOS, one church is applying best practices to an existing midweek ministry, one church is considering LOGOS, the other four came to glean best practices to apply in their own context. The training event offered was a LOGOS Encounter. At GenOn we are equipped to help your community build bridges to connect, too. Contact Betsy Dishman, GenOn Training Coordinator, to learn more. (

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