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Tracey Daniels
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When I went to the LOGOS Encounter at First Presbyterian Church in Charleston, West Virginia, as a first-time Encounter attendee, I didn’t know what to expect. My first impression was the commitment to and love of LOGOS among the people from First Presbyterian -- which I saw as an extension of the love they have for the children, youth, and adults in their church. For them, LOGOS has been a way to develop and grow Christian relationships in their faith community -- which is exactly the point of the program. They love what LOGOS has done in their church, and they wanted to make it even better through this training.

Is the Encounter going to make their program better? I think so. It was a day of ideas, experiencing the four parts of LOGOS, brainstorming solutions for their church’s specific challenges, and getting concrete ideas for keeping the program robust through the biblical process of calling volunteers. It was also a chance to hang out, have fun, and build relationships as the leaders of the program.

We experienced each part of the LOGOS ministry -- Bible Study, Recreation, Family Time, and Worship Arts -- and followed up each session with a discussion of why it is important. Bible Study spontaneously turned into drama time when people decided to act out the scripture they were discussing. In Recreation, we played two games that got us all moving around and getting to know one another better (a card game and another where we drew each other’s faces one part at a time with a series of partners). Both activities could easily be used in an actual LOGOS program.

Family Time was held over a lunch made by church volunteers. We experienced it just as you would an actual Family Time dinner -- complete with praying, picking helpers, singing, fellowship, and several ideas for how to thank the kitchen helpers.

I think my favorite part was Worship Arts, though. We broke into two groups, one that learned “We Will Walk with God” on bucket drums (they really learned fast -- check out the video!), and another that did some drama skits in “Freeze Frame” fashion (where the congregation closes their eyes briefly, and the actors keep striking a new pose to tell a biblical story). It was my favorite time because when we came together for an actual worship service, it reminded me of why we were there. We worshiped together, in relationship, as children of God.

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  • Great article about a great church in our community! The LOGOS model is such a great way to do fellowship.

    Kathryn Elizabeth Maddy on
  • Thank you Tracey for such a wonderful article about our church and your experience! It was such a God filled day! It was AWESOME!
    Thank you so much for sharing God’s Love.
    Janet Chambers, Director of Child and Family Ministry

    Janet Chambers on

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