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By Rev. Thom Lamb, Grace Presbyterian Church, Temple, TX

I will never forget when Robert came and asked if I would accompany him for the talent show at what was then known as LOGOS Conference East. I was happy to help and one afternoon we sat down to practice. It did not go well. Robert could barely carry a tune and he wanted to sing the song, Friends by Michael W. Smith. I really tried to convince him to sing something a little more in his range, but Robert was insistent, and I was fearful that he would embarrass himself. But he was resolute, so I did my best to prepare him for the talent show.

The time came for him to perform. I started out as we had agreed and Robert literally froze. I tried to hum him into it and get him started, but he kept looking at me in sheer panic. Just when I was about to resign myself to the worst, a couple of people in the audience recognized the tune and began to sing. Then two or three more joined in and before you know it, Robert boosted by the Spirit in the room began to sing. Soon the whole place was singing along with Robert lifting him up on their voices. When the song ended, the place erupted into a standing ovation. 

The real transformation came when a young man from my congregation who came to conference reluctantly, came up to me with tears in his eyes and remarked, "at school he would have been laughed right off the stage but here, in this place, he got a standing ovation. The amazing part was, when they applauded, they meant it. This is what being a faith community is all about."

Over the past 30 years as a leader at GenOn Summit East and GenOn Summit West, I have witnessed the presence of Christ in many more of these transformative moments of grace. Youth and adults engaging together to build relationships centered in the love of Jesus Christ is what our local LOGOS programs and the GenOn Summits are all about.

Summit West dates: July 8-14, 2018

Summit East dates: July 15-21, 2018

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  • Faith in action. This story gives me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing, Thom Lamb.

    Beth Fratzke on
  • Thank you for this beautiful reminder of God’s Grace as shown by young people.

    Marta FIscher on
  • Great message, Thom Lamb. Thank you for your faithful service. You, and all the Youth and Adults at Summit West ARE GenOn – Equipping faith communities for Christian discipleship through intergenerational relationships.

    Anne Pankratz on

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