Finding Ministry Volunteers: No Beating around the Burning Bush

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It’s that time again! The church program year is starting up and you’re looking for volunteer staffing for…well, what seems like everything. If you’ve ever had to ask anyone for money (to borrow or to donate), you know it’s a similar feeling. You’re uncomfortable, you lack confidence, you put it off as long as you can, and worst of all—you fear rejection. And it’s usually a founded fear! There is rejection! I know the feeling.

And I love it. I love praying about and discerning with others who God may be calling to a particular ministry or role, having the conversation to extend the personal invitation to consider that call, engaging in the question and answer period (always with some resistance) and then getting the response.  Most times it’s a “yes,” there are also some “no’s” but there’s always comfort in knowing that it was a biblical, relational process of helping someone wrestle with the decision. We don’t always get it right but it’s always a good experience and it always takes longer than it feels like it should. And it works. If you believe that it will.

Here are a few resources to help you through the process. Position after position. Year after year.

  • An article for (Virginia Theological Seminary) with a general outline of GenOn Ministries’ Call Process. (free!)
  • An interview with the Baltimore Conference of the United Methodist Church called “Identifying Needs and Calling Volunteers.” (free!)
  • The LOGOS Administration Tool Kit resource that includes a big section on calling volunteers. ($30!)
  • A sermon from Rev. Scott Hoffman of Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church called “Only a Boy” about the body of Christ (the church!) and the need for us all to do our part—even our imperfect, falling-short selves. A good reminder. (free!)

When we are intentional about helping people find a good place to serve in the church, through the church, for the church…for God…we are providing an opportunity for them to do ministry, to be a part of the body of Christ. Otherwise, they may be apart from the body of Christ. Which do we prefer? Which is more likely to build and grow the Kingdom of God?

What if Moses had said to God, “Choose someone else. I’m not the one who can help.” Oh wait, he did. And then he said, “yes.”

Give us a call and we’ll talk you through the process. 877.937.2572  

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