The Force Was With Us

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We invited the force to be with us at LOGOS at Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church. The Police Force. The force was with us for a shared meal which always means more than eating. Over chicken nuggets and orange slices each LOGOS table hosted a police officer. The conversations were lively and as I circulated through the room serving salad I saw the officers not only as guests but also as "all in."

They helped make sure the children had enough food and they delighted in their questions. They played the after-dinner game of Community Drawing where each table drew a police officer one person at time and on the word "SWITCH!" passed the paper to the next person to continue drawing around the table. Preschoolers through middle schoolers presented thank you cards that they created in Recreation before dinner.

And then my favorite part. The children and youth and adults from each table gathered around "their" officer and put a hand on the officer's shoulder or back and we prayed and gave thanks to God for all the police do for us and will do for us. We prayed for their safety and protection. And we gave thanks that we were able to gather together to be in community with one another.

Thank you, Sergeant Tom Trodden for inviting your team from the Howard County Police Department to join us and thank you for being a LOGOS dad, serving in the kitchen washing dishes.

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  • You are SO right, Heather! And thank you for all you do in working with these children and youth at LOGOS.

    LIz on
  • Wow…what a great night it was. The children made cards during Recreation and gave them to the Officer sitting at their table as a thanks for all they do to help keep us safe. This night always reminds us of what is important…family, friends, the community and the TIME you spend with them.

    Heather Barham on

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