Incorporating Members of Your Congregation into LOGOS Recreation Time

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This blog post is compiled from a Facebook discussion held recently on our LOGOS Ministry Ideas Facebook Group. We host Facebook discussions monthly on the last Thursday of the month. Please check it out and join us.

Have you ever brought in other adults from your faith community to share/teach their hobbies to kids? What has worked well? What have the kids really enjoyed?

“A husband of one of our directors is a volunteer firefighter. He came and showed and explained to the kids all of their equipment that they wear to a fire. The kids were fascinated.”

“We had several people in the church who sew or quilt do a 3-4 unit session with middle schoolers to sew pillow cases to be donated for children with cancer in the hospital. Also, macramé and knitting. These are "lost arts" that some in the church have a real talent for!”

“We used to have 3 week sessions, where we had 3-4 different options for them to choose. People came in to teach different crafts or skills. People from the congregation loved doing this, knowing it was only a 3 week commitment and we were able to include the retired folks. We had someone help the kids make bird houses, taught the kids cribbage, made slime with them, made after school no cook snacks with them, taught basic bike repair, knitting, running, croquet. We even had a firefighter come in and do a "fire safety" presentation.”

“An artist from our church guided our kids in creating a "mosaic" project using magazine scraps. It's about 3x5 feet in dimensions.”

“We had someone teach simple bike repair. It was very helpful and interesting. Kids could do hands on.”

“We are planning a 6 week glass mosaic project with the older teens. We have also had a paramedic come with the ambulance. She gave a tour of the ambulance outside and then brought the stretcher in and showed the kids how it works.”

“Instead of a game you would use the recreation time for these types of activities. You can either provide choices or do some rotation/small chunk of learning.”How do you fit all of this into your recreation time?

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