Intergenerational Experts Help GenOn Envision the Future

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Liz Perraud
Executive Director, GenOn Ministries

GenOn Ministries has invited 11 experts in their field to help us evaluate the current and future state of the intergenerational ministry culture and ensure that GenOn remains relevant to those who are dedicated to the future of intergenerational ministries.

The members of the GenOn Ministries Advisory Council (GMAC) will spend the next several months exploring, developing, and eventually proposing recommendations for GenOn’s Strategic Planning and Vision committee to consider.

“We’re very excited for their work to begin,” said Beth Fratzke, GenOn board member and chair of its Strategic Planning and Vision Committee. “The experts who accepted this call to serve on this advisory council are as passionate about intergenerational ministry as we are at GenOn. They believe that this kind of ministry is critical to healthy, thriving churches.”

GMAC launched earlier this month, and its members are committed to working cross denominationally and thinking strategically about how to apply resources and possible solutions to intergenerational challenges.

The council consists of two teams. Each team, listed below, will explore a significant challenge ripe with opportunity for the future of intergenerational ministry:

Local Church Team: By better understanding generational differences and similarities within a church, how can effective intergenerational relationships help churches thrive?

Seminaries Connection Team: What is needed to help seminaries champion intergenerational ministries to meet churches’ growing needs in this area?

Please join us in prayer for their time together and for the fruit of their work that is sure to benefit us all.

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  • Excellrnt initiative ! Thanks to all who will be serving .

    William R Gretsch on

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