Intergenerational Lenten Gatherings in the Church

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“We love this program (All God’s Children: The Church Family Gathers)!  One man said one of the best things about our church was our Lent and Advent dinners for all ages.” Betty Anne Smith, John Calvin Presbyterian Church, Florence, South Carolina

As the Lenten season approaches, here are a few ideas for using GenOn’s “All God’s Children: The Church Family Gathers for Lent” resource:

  • Gather for five evenings in Lent. Mid-week, Friday night, or Sunday evening are all possibilities but consistency is helpful.
  • Come together once or twice—the sessions are written as a continuous theme but can also stand apart.
  • Follow (or proceed) an Ash Wednesday worship service using “The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness” session. Enjoy “Stone Soup” (recipe included!) for dinner. Share reflection questions around the table about Jesus in the wilderness. Create activity stations in the room for small groups or choose one of the three for everyone to do around the tables. Pray and sing what is included or end with worship in your sanctuary.
  • Bring all ages together on a day that works for your church to study the story of Jesus teaching Nicodemus. The menu suggestion offers “foods with fillings on the inside”: turkey and vegetable wraps, cupcakes or donuts with fillings, box drinks. These items continue the theme lifted in prayer: “Dear God, Thank you for what is inside both our meal and our lives…” There are several activities offered, creative ways to tell the biblical story and reflection questions for small table groups. A closing of song and prayer is also included.

How might you use this creative chock-full resource to bring the generations together to study, eat, play and worship during Lent?

Blessings as you seek ways to educate, inspire and build relationships among all generations.

Order your free sample or purchase the resource here.

Read more about John Calvin Presbyterian Church’s experience here.

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