Is it Wednesday yet?

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I had a blast at LOGOS last night. I should have been exhausted after a day of work but the relationships fed me all evening long. Helping at Recreation with the elementary students was fun (I got to play Jenga and Go Fish, chat with interesting children, and see the older ones welcome the younger ones).

Eating at Family Time at the middle school table was fun (having two of our 8th graders back was the best). And who knew that leading a “sit down” Mexican Hat Dance for our “Let’s Taco ‘Bout LOGOS” themed meal would be such a work out and yes, fun? (I kind of suspected as such)

And then a fun middle school Bible study with youth who talk over and between everyone and everything even when learning about the first two “sections” of the Bible (law and history). Could next Wednesday hurry up and get here when they’ll bring back family stories to share to illustrate the oral tradition of scripture?

And then fun to hear about the conversations during choir rehearsal. Kindergartner: “I’m kind of scared to sing in front of people.” Choir Director: “Don’t worry, we’ll all be together.” First Grader: “And God will be there too.”

We say that the purpose of Recreation at LOGOS is to have great fun at the expense of no one else. But that describes the whole evening. Which leads to intergenerational relationships and relationships with God. Which leads to community. Christ-centered community. Is it Wednesday yet?

How was your LOGOS evening? Did you grow up in LOGOS with memories to share? 

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  • I’m a newbie to LOGOS, and am totally sold on the experience for learning, making inter generational connections, introducing our youth to Biblical concepts, and just plain fun. It feels like one big happy family with everyone contributing up and down the generations. I’m sold!

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