LOGOS Encounters Are More Affordable with New Flat Rate Pricing

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Whether you're a "What's LOGOS?" church or a "Let's start LOGOS!" church or a seasoned "We LOVE LOGOS!" church, GenOn’s Encounters are designed to help your church grow intergenerational relationships through LOGOS!
Our LOGOS Encounters:
  • Help you understand the WHY of LOGOS ministry
  • Give you program ideas
  • Help with challenges
  • Equip you to call and train volunteers
  • Give staff and volunteers quality time together
So, our goal is to provide these training events any place and time a church requests to host one. Host churches choose either a one-day event, or a two-half-days event.
The good news is LOGOS Encounters are now more affordable because of new flat rate pricing!
Two churches may co-host an Encounter with each church splitting the cost and receiving up to 8 seats each ($1,000 for each church, includes travel fee). If you would like to host as a single church, you would receive up to 16 seats ($2,000, includes travel fee).
Email us at info@genonministries.org to get on our area Encounter alert list.

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