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As Delmont Presbyterian Church of Delmont, Pennsylvania moves slowly and surely towards the start-up of LOGOS, I’m reminded how the preparation and practice is for more than just a program and how the process (and ensuing ministry) benefits the whole church.

They recently hosted an Encounter training to receive the “why and how” to launch LOGOS. Pastor Caroline Vickery of DPC says that “LOGOS is like jazz. There are a few very basic things that are crucial for success, and then each congregation adapts the program for their needs.”

After their first gathering, she enthusiastically described the many adults involved in launching the evening--drawing on their gifts and talents of planning, shopping, organizing, ukulele teaching, cooking, and finding helpers. They were thrilled to have 25 people attend, including five children between the ages of 3-7 years old.Pastor Caroline is leading this charge, having had LOGOS in her previous church in Nebraska and still valuing the benefit of the ministry for all generations. She has a dedicated band of lay leaders walking alongside her offering church members and community folks a taste of the possibilities of LOGOS for several evenings this summer.

Through our 55 years of experience at GenOn, we’ve seen the intergenerational relationships developed in “doing LOGOS” spill over into all areas of the church. The practice of shared leadership lightens the workload and makes for healthy visioning. And understanding that all people are gifted means we practice serving with joy and in community.

What is your experience? Have you noticed the ripple effect from LOGOS to the wider church? We would love to hear!

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  • Thank you for sharing the Good News of our new adventure in Delmont.

    Caroline on

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