Mission: LOGOS connects the dots between faith and service

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By Teresa Goller, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Decatur, Illinois

With mission in mind, our church recently hosted a combined LOGOS/Deacons spaghetti dinner to honor our city's First Responders. And bonus! The event date, Oct. 5, was our "Acts of Random Kindness Night" at LOGOS!

Elementary children filled many roles that night. Our most outgoing children greeted guests outside. Then our youngest kids directed guests to the serving table. LOGOS kids served the baked spaghetti, salad, green beans and drinks. Other children cleared tables and directed the guests to the dessert table.

Meanwhile, junior and senior high youth delivered food to our seven fire stations, the police department and dispatchers.

This mission project took the entire LOGOS evening. At first the children were disappointed about missing the other three parts of LOGOS - especially recreation. But as guests arrived, the kids got so excited! Our greeters were so friendly and loved getting to shake hands with officers. The littlest greeters were very patient and loved giving guests candy as they left. The servers really enjoyed their jobs. In fact, one student who'd grumbled about his task to clear tables ended up being the most attentive and friendly servant!

After our guests left, our children and youth finally got to have dinner and even some recreation time. This was truly a church-wide event. Our LOGOS volunteers were responsible for the children, our deacons were there to help with food and clean-up, church members provided all of the desserts, and everyone agreed we can't wait to do this again!

How do you incorporate mission into LOGOS? Share your story via the LOGOS Ideas Group on Facebook or in the comments section here.

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