Not Just a Trip to Estes Park

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By Robin Menck, Faith Presbyterian Church, La Vista, NE

In July 1998, one shy, nervous 8th grader got in a 15-passenger van full of "church people" she didn't really know and hit the road to Estes Park, Colorado for the LOGOS Conference. And thanks to the many people pouring into her and encouraging her to come out of her shell and to follow God's leading, that quiet 8th grader is now working at a church and writing this article. The transition from "youth" to "young adult" to "adult" is never easy but it is also never done alone.  

Sometimes when we talk about youth ministry and LOGOS, we are focused in on the impact we are having in this moment, right now. But God is interested in the long game - He sees past what we are doing right now and on to what is going to happen in five, 10, 15 years down the road in this student's life. Our job as LOGOS and ministry workers is to come alongside teens and point them towards God by building a relationship with them.

In my own life, there are many adults that I can name that helped to shape who I became simply by investing their time, love, and prayers into me. Relationships leave young people ripe for growth. The seeds that we are planting & watering today in young lives become a strong faith down the road.

This year as I begin to collect forms and deposits to get our church's youth signed up for what is now called GenOn Youth Summit, I wonder where these students will be down the road - what will God call them to and how can we prepare them to be young men and women who passionately follow Jesus?

Because it's not just a trip to Estes Park for me anymore - it's now a jumping-off point for God to draw youth to Him.

Now is the time to consider a week in July at a GenOn Youth Summit--in Colorado or West Virginia. A week of LOGOS for high school youth, young adults and you as their leaders. Early bird discount on registrations is March 1. No group is too small. Check out the details here and give us a call at 877.937.2572 to talk with Summit Coordinator Kelly Burnett. 

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