One Great Idea: Drive-in Movie

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Kathy Price
First Presbyterian Church
Twin Falls, Idaho

A new theme we tried last year that was a big hit was "Drive-in Movie." Our overall theme for the year was focusing on "Only One You" in which we talked about how special and unique God created each one of us, and together we can do great things with God. In preparation for our Drive-In, staff and families found boxes large enough for all the children and youth to sit comfortably in. During Recreation, all sorts of crafting supplies were brought out, and the kids were able to decorate their "car" however they wanted! Very unique creations emerged -- from a snowplow, a Barbie car done all in bright pink, a rain box car and everything in between. It was fun to see their imaginations at work!

Meanwhile, all the tables and chairs were removed from the dining room, and the finished cars were brought in and arranged so that they could see the movie screen. Table parents served as bellhops to all the cars, bringing slices of pizza, cups of celery and carrot sticks, juice boxes, and then bags of popcorn and movie candy to all our "drivers." We watched a variety of Looney Tunes cartoons, some seeing them for the first time and others remembering their favorite characters from childhood. We try to have at least one unique dinner event a semester, and this one was great fun.

First Presbyterian Church in Twin Falls, Idaho, is starting our 12th year of LOGOS. We have ranged from 10-30 kids in attendance and love building the relationships within our church and community. We look forward to seeing the joys and challenges God gives us each year. 

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