One Great Idea: Lego Night

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Deb Marshall
Children’s Education Director, United Church, Canandaigua, New York
A GenOn Partner Church

One theme that the kids in our LOGOS program ask for again and again is Lego Night. On our Lego Night, during recreation time, we set up different stations. At one station, the kids make a Lego bridge over a large gap. The challenge is to make the bridge strong enough that it will hold at least one plastic jar of peanut butter. The goal is to make the bridge strong enough to hold the most jars.

The kids also enjoy a station where they can use Legos or Duplos on a Lego base plate to create a marble maze. In addition to these, we typically offer a Lego craft that kids can take home, such as create-your-own Lego head! This is a baby food jar that kids paint yellow on the inside and then draw a Lego face on the outside. Of course, we always have a bunch of Legos out for “free play” as well.

During Family Time, our table game was a Lego relay race (pictured), where the table group had to move Legos from one plastic container to an empty plastic container across the room using a plastic spoon. But, if they dropped the Lego(s) they were carrying, they had to take them back and try again. The kids LOVED this game. Lego Night is fun to plan because there are so many options. So, even if it’s a theme used every year at LOGOS, the activities do not have to be the same.

At The United Church, our LOGOS program has thrived for more than 50 years.  Glory to God! Of the children who attend our LOGOS program, about half are from our church. The other half are from other local churches, or they are friends who don’t have a church home. We are so thankful for the opportunity God has given us to provide this ministry to the children of our church and our community for so long.

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