One Great Idea: Yoga with Our Youth

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Rachael Tisdale
Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church
Odenton, MD

Winter seems to be a tough season for so many of us. The sun only makes brief appearances, and we start to feel confined inside. So, our Recreation Coordinator at LOGOS came up with a wonderful idea to help renew our body and our mind – Yoga Night! We push aside all the tables, stack chairs, dim the lights, and throw our shoes in pile. Normally our recreation groups are based on grade level, but Yoga Night is special. From preschool kids to adults, we fit as many people into one room as possible. 

At first, the kids giggle, “It smells like feet!” Once we begin the yoga video, however, no one notices the odor. Kids and adults are stretching, bending, and smiling. Deep breaths keep the adults calm, and constant movement keeps the kids engaged.

The yoga series we love is free on YouTube. In our last session, we all attempted different Pokémon poses. While some of us could easily be a Charmander, the Squirtle was much harder! Several of our most energetic youth were filled with a sense of calming peace. One preschooler (who is known for running through the halls and jumping up and down all night) said, “I feel so warm and happy right now!”

Yoga also added a new common set of vocabulary words to our dialogue. When someone feels upset, we can remind them to be a dragon: “Take deep breaths, fill the belly, then blow out all your fire breath.” They calm down immediately. For some of us who have trouble focusing during prayer, a few of those deep breaths bring clearer thoughts. A quick stretching session helps us safely get out the can’t-sit-still wiggles during Bible Time too! 


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  • Hi Amy! We used “A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure.” Here’s the link to the exact Pokémon yoga session:
    Have fun!

    Rachael E Tisdale on
  • Amy…I will connect you with Rachael who can give you that information.

    Liz on
  • Would love to know the name of the Yoga series that you use. Thank you!

    Amy Crawford on

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