Parents’ Corner: Bridging Divides

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If you want to bridge divides, you need to develop good listening skills. Misunderstanding and failing to communicate well can lead to conflict. Not only do we have divides over religion and politics, but also divides within the family, especially among the generations when it comes to parenting styles. When one becomes rigid in their beliefs, problems can arise. Always be willing to listen to the other person’s concerns and seek the truth.

This site gives an excellent overview of the differences between the generations from your grandparents to you. Understanding the differences may help you to relate to each other better.

Here is another site covering all the generations alive today.

Mutual respect is so important when bridging divides between grandparent, parent, and child. This article discusses what is more important: valuing people or valuing power.

Respect can be a power struggle. Psychotherapist Carleton Kendrick helps with communication between parents and teens. You will find some of his good advice here.  Some parents must co-parent with a non-Christian. If you need help in this circumstance, click here.

Remember, in order to have quality conversations, we must be good listeners. Here are some tips to help you bridge divides by becoming a better listener.


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