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Raising kids in today’s technological world becomes quite a challenge.  Hopefully, you are somewhat of a techie yourself, but even then, it is hard to keep up with all the changes and the technology that is available to your child.

This article gives you nine ways to parent well in today’s technological world. 

Another article found through the same site also has some very good suggestions. 

Some preparation is helpful before your child gets his or her first smart phone.  Check out this link. 

Of course, technology can be used for good.  Try this link. 

Here is an actual lesson plan to use with your kids, “Using Technology for Good.”

And of course you want your child to use technology responsibly.  Here is a link to help with that.  

I would suggest you read the articles found at the above sites and form an action plan to share with your child.  Even better, form a group with some other parents and really dig into the problems and solutions that occur in times such as we are in today.

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