Parents' Corner: Parents' Role in Raising a Faith-Filled Child

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Shirley Carlson
La Crescenta Presbyterian Church

Relationships within a church setting prove to be one of the most rewarding investments you can make to facilitate faith growth in your child’s life. Helping your children to engage with others in your church is easier in small to medium-sized churches. Parents need to be proactive in making sure this happens in your church. Be involved, take a leadership role, go with your child to church, encourage your child to make close friends within your church family.

Rick Chromey’s Disciple Blog points out some strategies and some positives for children’s ministry in smaller churches.

If you want to be more proactive in helping your church’s efforts to help your children grow in their faith, read this article by Sarah Bentley Allred and then share it with whoever leads your children’s ministry team. The article is geared toward young families, but many of the suggestions could work with older children as well.

It takes more than a parent to raise a child. It takes a church to help in this awesome task. Read "It Takes a Church to Raise a Child."  Does your church look like the one described in this article? If not, do something to help create a loving community where people help each other.

I urge you to become involved with others at your church who plan and administer programs for your children. Your child’s faith will grow, and so will yours.

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