Safe spaces: Building relationships around the Word

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By Seth Lovell, Youth Ministries Director, Olivet Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, Va.

I grew up in a LOGOS church. Wednesdays were my favorite day of the week. I loved building relationships with other children and adult leaders. One of the most significant ways we did that was around the Word as we studied scripture to learn about faith and how to be authentic disciples of Christ.

I loved how LOGOS created a safe space to read and reflect on scripture and to learn its value in our lives. We asked questions and actively engaged with scripture. We were invited into conversations to explore the Bible's richness and depth.

We learned how, through scripture, God makes known who God is and what God has done. We learned that God's extravagant love made manifest in the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit both call forth and enable our response of love, gratitude and faithfulness. We studied scripture not to know merely what it said, but to recognize how it challenges us and calls us to live our lives.  

I recall my childhood LOGOS experience with deep gratitude. I want my children to have similar experiences within a community of faith. LOGOS teaches you that you belong to God and to God's family. LOGOS also teaches you that you are loved and allows you to experience this love first-hand through people who care about you.

Through meaningful study of scripture, you learn that we are called to love God and to love neighbor. You learn that service to others and care for God's creation are key elements of faithful living. By practicing "Kingdom" living, you're given a foretaste of God's Kingdom.

I could not imagine my childhood without LOGOS, and I'm thankful that I belong to a faith community that incorporates LOGOS theology into our mid-week ministry.

I am so thankful I grew up as a LOGOS kid and am even more grateful that my children are now growing up with the same experiences. 

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