Sunday LIFT Spring and Summer Resources Bring ALL Ages Together for Faith Formation

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Here’s what participants said after experiencing LIFT in their church:

“It was very engaging and fun!”
“Meaningful and purposeful”
“Reflective and moving”
“Creative and fun”

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Sunday LIFT (Living in Faith Together) brings all ages together on Sunday morning or evening for Bible study, a meal or snack, an activity, and worship. Sessions are designed for 45 minutes with flexibility to be longer or shorter, and include complete details for Breaking Bread Together, Studying God’s Word Together, Playing Together, and Praying Together. Purchase whole sets or individual units.

Purchase a Spring or Summer Set or individual units. Each resource includes the how and why of intergenerational ministry and all the details needed to host your own Sunday LIFT gathering.

Spring Set – available now (3 units)

  1. Jesus’ Life and Ministry – 5 sessions using Matt 4:1-11, 17:1-9, John 3:1-17, 4:5-42, 9:1-7
  2. Palm Sunday, Easter, and New Life – 5 session using John 12:12-16, 20:1-18, Luke 24:13-48, John 12:1-9, 14:15-21
  3. Springtime – 4 sessions using Esther 9, 1 Peter 1:17-23, 2:19-25, John 15:9-17

Summer Set – available April 15 (2 units)

  1. God Creates – 4 sessions using Genesis 1:1-19, 20-25, 25-31, 2:1-4
  2. Water Stories – 4 sessions using Genesis 6:10-8:22, Exodus 14, Exodus 15:22-26, Psalm 23, 93, 104, 106


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