The Gift of Presence

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One of the greatest gifts we give one other is to be fully present. To look into someone’s eyes, ask how they are doing, and listen to their answer is ministry at its simplest and yet most profound. I imagine that's exactly how Christ engaged with everyone he encountered.

All the organized programming, all the good curriculum, and all the willing volunteers matter little unless we first get relationships right. There's an old saying, “I don't care how much you know until I know how much you care.” Nothing says “I care” more than being fully present. Yet what a challenge that is in this busy break-neck speed of a world most of us live in.

I care for my granddaughter on Fridays. I’m relearning what it means to slow down and be fully present in the moment. In this moment. Oh, the magical things a two-year-old can teach! We take a lot of walks, and every time she rounds the corner and sees the playground with its slide and swings, she bursts into joy. As if she's seeing it for the very first time. She is fully present in a “here’s the playground” kind of excitement with her whole body. Not thinking about what we did an hour (or a minute) ago or what we’re going to have for lunch. And certainly not about tomorrow or next week.

May you experience even a bit of that fully present “here's the playground” joy with one another today.

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  • Thank you, Carol H!

    Liz on
  • And a child shall lead us! Thank you for sharing your story. (United Methodist Discipleship Ministries would tag this with #SeeAllthePeople )

    Carol H. on
  • I’m glad this simple message is resonating with you all! ❤️

    Liz Perraud on
  • Such a wonderful reminder as we begin thinking about the gift giving season now upon us!

    Kathryn Maddy on
  • What a great reminder. It is all about relationships.

    Drew Talbott on

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