Top 5 Picks for Boosting Your Ministries with Children and Youth

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As we move quickly through Lent, and then through the final weeks of the regular ministry year, what can you do to end well and begin thinking about the fall? Take a look at GenOn’s top picks for sustaining and growing ministries with children, youth and adults.

Coaching and consulting Summer is the perfect time to take stock of what's great and what needs attention. Do you want to create an overall plan for Christian education? Do you want to look at the effectiveness of Sunday School or something else? Our coaches will put the perfect plan together for your church. Costs are reasonable and flexible.

Visioning Tool for Ministry with Children and Youth is designed to 1) show you what is currently going on in all your church’s ministries with children and youth AND 2) make plans to set common goals for moving forward. Complete instructions for a self-led process are included. Want a more objective voice to lead the process? We can do that!

LOGOS Evaluation Tool (FREE!) is perfect for taking an objective look at your LOGOS ministry and making plans to celebrate strengths and address needs. Now is the right time to gather input from children, youth and adults before your LOGOS year ends. Need help with this process? We’re here for you.

Our (FREE!) LOGOS Bones review provides a quick look at your LOGOS ministry and creates conversations around specific questions, like “Are you focusing on growing authentic Christian relationships?”, “Are parents active participants in LOGOS?”, “How often are LOGOS children and youth leading in worship?” We can look at the Bones with you and provide recommendations to match your needs.

LOGOS Toolkit Our comprehensive Toolkit was created to help LOGOS churches have the best ministry possible for their young people. But that’s not all! We believe this resource can benefit every church! Includes topics like intergenerational mission projects, discipline, recreation, worship arts, and many others. This complete resource is the go-to standard for excellent ministry.

To get started on all of these great ideas, contact us at 877.937.2572 or or use our online Letter of Intent to share your needs with us.

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