Visiting Churches Encourages Conversations

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By Liz Perraud, Executive Director, GenOn Ministries

I spent a great deal of 2016 on the road visiting LOGOS churches. All this travel allowed me to see and experience LOGOS in action--in churches and at both youth summits--to worship with churches, and to enjoy relationship building over breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

It was a blessing to have so many in-person conversations with pastors, educators, LOGOS directors, and lots of church volunteers. The best conversations were on long walks and airport drives. And maybe even over an adult beverage. This is what I learned about the churches I visited:

  • They love LOGOS
  • They struggle with LOGOS
  • They are excited and eager to do LOGOS better--whatever "better" means for them
  • They want to know that LOGOS can work for their church community
  • They're embarrassed to share if they're doing LOGOS that isn't "pure" (one church actually used that term)
  • It didn't occur to most to support the wider ministry with a GenOn Partnership
They want to equip their volunteers but they barely have time to stop and adjust their fluids, let alone plan for something. When they do equip their volunteers, they're so glad they did. They want new ideas and need a "boost" for ministry.

They love Jesus and want their kids, and kids they haven't even reached yet to love Jesus. They're jazzed about bringing generations together and so tickled that the rest of the church world is finally starting to buzz about this--something that we've known for a bazillion years.

They're up against all the great options that the families in their churches have at their fingertips and oftentimes the church isn't at the top of the list. But they keep trying anyway.

Are you celebrating a special LOGOS anniversary this year? Do you need pulpit supply because your pastor is on sabbatical or vacation? Is it time to equip your volunteers between LOGOS seasons? Or would you just like to connect in person with GenOn? We would love to come see you! Let us know.

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