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“All my by de self!” my son would say at age two when he didn’t want help. Now he’s 31 and it’s, “I’ve got this!” I have my own version—like when someone offers to lift my suitcase from the plane’s overhead bin.

Independence feels responsible, confident, and prepared. And not being independent feels, well, the opposite.

At GenOn Ministries, we know we need to be interdependent—dependent on and with others in a healthy way. Connected. Linked. Because we’re better together.

GenOn’s mission is to partner with churches, people, and other organizations to help them grow Christ-centered intergenerational community. That means we also ask them (including you!) to help us realize our shared vision of a world filled with thriving Christian communities through your donations. We know that “all my by de self” isn’t the best approach. 

About 40 percent of our ministry’s funding comes from people like…

Steve, whose company matches his Youth Summit volunteer hours with a donation.

Laura, a GIFT Circle member who donates monthly automatically.

The United Church of Canandaigua that gives annually as a Partner Church.

Jeff, who gives through a stock donation.

Thom, a GenOn volunteer, who waives his travel reimbursement as an in-kind donation.



GenOn equips churches by providing training, resources, experiences, and ongoing relational support with your help. Thank you!

Exciting news! We have a matching challenge for the first $9,100 donated by the end of this year. This match is a pooled donation from our board and staff—people who are confident that GenOn will use the funds well for great impact. We raised $5,500 in donations on Giving Tuesday. Will you give today to help us realize the rest of that match and more? 

A donation can also be made by sending a check to
GenOn Ministries
P.O. Box 4
Springdale, PA 15144

On behalf of all generations who have benefited and will benefit from your financial support of GenOn Ministries, thank you!

May you experience Advent peace in Christ,

Liz Perraud
Executive Director

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