What Are the Youth Summit Participants Saying?

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2019 EARLY BIRD RATES (Received by March 1) Adult/Youth per person: $450

2019 REGULAR RATES (Received by April 1) Adult/Youth per person: $475


Summit East 2018 attendees said:

  • It’s like having a giant family, living in the same place as you!
  • Summit is a place where you can be yourself without being judged. It was super fun!
  • Life changing experience.
  • The week that is perfect to forget the outside world.
  • Best week of the year!
  • A place where family falls in love with God and each other.
  • Summit is a place where you can reflect on yourself, your faith, and your path with a community of people that feel like family.
  • The way church should always be

 Summit West 2018 participants said:

  • Summit is a fun, moving, loving experience that will help you grow in your faith and closer to God.
  • Great time of faith.
  • Great place to grow personally and spiritually.
  • A moving, Christian experience that inspires you to grow in your journey with Christ.
  • A place where you can acknowledge the valleys in your life to be able to be more grateful for the mountaintop experiences.
  • During Bible study, I like how we connected stories in the Bible to real people. This helped me believe that I can change the world just like the people and Jesus did.
  • I can’t wait to continue my spiritual journey in the years to come.
  • This week definitely solidified my relationship with God and made me remember that no one is perfect. As long as you love and trust God while being the best you possibly can, nothing else will matter.
  • 'This is church.’ I had never thought of church as a feeling, only as a place.  Hearing those three words helped me to realize that I find church not only while attending service or activities, but also in other people.

While attending Summit West, one of our churches had a tragedy strike their home town.  Below is a small excerpt of an acknowledgement they shared with their congregation once they returned home:

“… If we were not able to be home when the disaster occurred, we were so thankful to be surrounded by such comfort and love!  Those new friends of ours truly were the hands and feet of Jesus, supporting us and our city!” 
--Sun Prairie United Methodist Church, Sun Prairie, WI

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