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Your donation to GenOn Ministries makes stories of faith formation possible in churches small and large, urban and suburban, old and new. Your donation helps further our mission of equipping Christian communities for discipleship through intergenerational relationships.

It was time to infuse something new into Elim Lutheran Church in Scandia, Minnesota and LOGOS seemed a good fit. The church leaders were excited about the intergenerational possibilities but had two initial concerns: Not enough adults for the roles for LOGOS and current low attendance on Sunday when the choir and other groups would be leading in worship.

After LOGOS training and relying on some of GenOn’s resources, they felt prepared to move ahead. They followed the steps in the GenOn process of call, talked about LOGOS in meetings, in worship and in smaller conversations, and began last fall with all the adults needed!

Elim has more young people than before for Sunday worship leadership and the youth are doing new things, such as Readers Theater for prayers and lessons. The congregation has noticed and is loving it!

Youth Ministry Director Lisa McPherson says that LOGOS brought Elim’s Wednesday ministries together rather than operating in separate “silos.” Each age group does different things for Bible Study, Recreation and Worship Arts but they come together during Family Time.

The language and the intent is cohesive: Child of God, worship is central to faith, using God-given gifts in serving, and young people all know they are loved!

In the first month of LOGOS, seven new children from three different families joined. High school youth group means that rather than two adults there are now six, allowing for deeper conversations in small groups and relationships that are growing!

Audrey, an 89 year-young Table Parent says, “When Pastor approached me about spending dinner with a group of youngsters, I thought I was too old. But the kids have accepted me and I am totally enjoying it!”

Many adults have noticed an elevated sense of excitement and energy on Wednesdays and both pastors play an active role in LOGOS and are encouraged for the future!

Your donation to GenOn Ministries makes these stories possible.

About 40% of GenOn’s funding comes from individuals and our Partner churches. Our donors are people like you, those impacted by our ministry over these last nearly 55 years. Most of that impact has been through LOGOS and our summer youth summits.

Jim McBane was 11 years old when GenOn founder Dale Milligan brought Youth Club to their church. Jim says that Youth Club (LOGOS) worked the way it was supposed to work with the kids all wanting to be there because of the fun and then learning the Bible and singing in choir.

Sheryl Lehde’s daughter grew up in LOGOS and now grandchildren are, and she supports the ministry because she believes it helps keep children in the church.

Rev. Steven Wicks believes that LOGOS is by far the best intergenerational opportunity for a church to nurture faith in children and youth and to affirm that everyone is a child of God—both students and adults.

Jacob Sefton grew up in LOGOS and says his involvement taught him how to be a leader in the church today. Jacob is now in seminary.

What is your story?

Will you respond in gratitude with a donation—or second mile donation?

Your donation helps GenOn provide wider and deeper support for churches to build crucial Christ-centered intergenerational relationships.

Good news! We have received a matching challenge for the first $2,500 of donations made by the end of this year. Ed and Shirley Carlson will double your donation.

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