STORE Bible Study

High School Bible Study - Psalms: Words of the Heart

5 sessions. Focusing on Psalms, Israel's hymnbook, students explore their awareness of God and all God created, their relationship with God and understanding of God's providence, how they hear cries for help in times of trouble, how young people cal declare the glory of God and draw closer to God, and how to mend broken relationships with God and others. Sessions:  

  1. Our Awareness of God - Psalms 8, 42
  2. God's Providence - Psalms 16, 23
  3. Cries for Help - Psalm 22
  4. When Nature Turns Us Toward God - Psalm 19:1-6
  5. Create In Me a Clean Heart - Psalms 8, 51

Written by Keith and Betsy Strain, revised by Jennifer Colvard.

Sample high school course. A link to this downloadable resource will be sent to the e-mail address on the order as soon as the order process is complete.


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