LIFT Year 1 Winter

3 units available.

Unit 1: Advent
4 sessions. Journeying through the scriptures of Matthew, participants prepare for the arrival of Christ. Sessions:

  1. Watch! (Matthew 24:36-44)
  2. Prepare! (Matthew 3:1-12)
  3. Recognize! (Matthew 11:2-11)
  4. Receive! (Matthew 1:18-25)

          Unit 2: Adventure Awaits
          4 sessions. Take off on an adventure as you travel through scripture, hearing stories from Egypt and Asia and learning the reasons why people were traveling in the New Testament. Sessions:

          1. Asia Anew (Matthew 2:1-12)
          2. Ancient Eqyptians (Matthew 2:13-23)
          3. The First Disciples (Matthew 4:12-23)
          4. Climb the Mountain (Luke 9:28-36)

          Unit 3: Snuggle Up with God
          4 sessions. These four sessions push us to spend time in relationship as we grow our faith. Sessions:

          1. Healing Simon's Mother (Mark 1:29-39)
          2. Growing Closer to Jesus (John 1:29-41)
          3. Sharing Jesus' Love with Everyone (Mark 1:40-45)
          4. God Calls Samuel (1 Samuel 3:1-20)

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