Sunday LIFT Year 2 Spring Life, Death, and the New Life

Life, Death, and the New Life explores the signal events of Holy Week and the Resurrection of Jesus. We will explore the disciples closest to Jesus and their experiences of loss, grief, and anguish at the death of Jesus, and then miraculously the risen Jesus and renewed hope. All disciples are challenged to live the implications of resurrection in the present life, bringing hope and relief to people who are most in need.

  • Session 1: Remembering with the Disciples  Luke 22:7-20
  • Session 2:  Judas and Peter Betray Jesus  Mark 14:43-50, 66-72
  • Session 3: Jesus Appears to the Disciples  Luke 24:13-35
  • Session 4:  A Man with a Mission  John 21:15-19

The introduction includes all the details for making Sunday LIFT a success.

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