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Lent at Home in Community - Interactive Devotional Resource

I have been recommending resources from GenOn Ministries for the past few years because they are absolute experts in helping churches find ways to deepen intergenerational Christ-centered relationships. GenOn's offering for Lent 2021, "Lent at Home in Community," is no different. It offers six sessions that are straight-forward, scripture based, and spiritually grounded. These sessions are flexible and could be used in a variety of contexts from a weekly 15-minute home devotional to six hour-long church wide sessions. The variety of response options makes this a fantastic resources for people of all ages.
--Sarah Bentley Allred, Editor of Building Faith and Associate for Christian Formation & Discipleship in Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary

“Thank you all for the Lent at Home lessons. I really feel they are short enough, yet contain meaningful content that will engage the busy families we serve. I appreciate the work put into this effort.”
-- Christina Dorn, Grace Episcopal Church, Anniston, Alabama

Why do you like coming to LOGOS?

“We began this Wednesday night program (LOGOS) in hopes of improving attendance in our Christian Ed program (Sunday School) when we had 2-6 children showing up and 2 of them were the teacher's own children. Well, we have definitely surpassed that at 40-50 kids. We are reaching out to some children who do not attend any church at all but now they have US! Three of us attended the LOGOS Encounter training a few years back and then I went along with 2 other adults last summer to another. Those sessions were very valuable to us.”

- Stephanie Paine, Wolf Point First Lutheran Church

“The first time I heard the "why" behind LOGOS, the first time I heard the theology articulated in word and pictures, I said, 'This is exactly what I believe!' Now as a GenOn training leader, I have the words and opportunity to share it with others.”

- Rev. Chris Denny, Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church

“I like LOGOS because it is a safe space for everyone. Everyone, regardless of their background, is loved, respected, and accepted for who they are. Everyone is treated equally and is loved equally. Everyone is amazing."

- Tyler, high school LOGOS participant at First Christian Church, Des Moines

"I believe GenOn has one of the best children and teen’s programs the church can offer--LOGOS. It is all about relationships, rather than numbers. It is all about teaching and being the body of Christ. LOGOS models the church at its best and asks parents to be present. You have the best to offer the world to disciple children through the church."

- Ben Freudenburg, author of The Family Friendly Church (Family Friendly Partners Network) and Family Life Program Director and Professor of Family Life Studies, Concordia University

"Greetings from Search Institute. We have long been pleased with the way GenOn Ministries has utilized the Developmental Assets…… Keep up the good work."

- Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, Vice President, Research and Development, Search Institute

"When I am asked for a model that “fits” with Family-Based Youth Ministry, I always point to GenOn Ministries for the one approach to youth ministry, LOGOS, that “gets it” when it comes to building cross-generational connections for kids. I can think of no other ministry with more proven experience empowering parents and connecting youth to the extended family of the church than my friends at GenOn Ministries."


- Mark DeVries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects and author of Family-Based Youth Ministry.

"LOGOS is a wonderful way to get the entire congregation involved in passing on the faith to the Church’s children. I heartily recommend this program for developing these components of a caring and faithful community – the apostles’ doctrine (the Scriptural foundation for what we believe), genuine fellowship, the skills of worship, and the delight of playing and eating together. Our children need the gifts of LOGOS that GenOn Ministries offers!"

- Dr. Marva J. Dawn, author of Is It a Lost Cause? Having the Heart of God for the Church’s Children; Teaching Fellow in Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, BC. Website: Christians Equipped for Ministry

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