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What is God’s World in Community?

  • Seven-session, flexible resources for intergenerational gatherings
  • Short, easy-to-do sessions to read a Scripture passage, do an activity based on the passage, and pray together 
  • Stand-alone sessions tied together by common theme
  • Collections are seasonal (Advent, Lent) and topical (Creation Care, Tell Your Story, Gifts of the Spirit, and others) 
  • For all ages
  • Small or large groups 
  • With or without children

Ideas for using God’s World with your congregation

  • Small groups
  • Divide larger groups into intergenerational small groups
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Part of a longer church fellowship gathering
  • Part of a retreat, camping, or hiking event
  • Add a shared meal
  • With the church community or at home

What are churches that are using God’s World saying about it?

We are using ‘Tell Your Story’ one Sunday a month as part of an after worship luncheon.”

“It is good to get people to think about the scriptures and the questions provided. This helps open up different conversations with our members.” 

“We used God’s World ‘Creation Care’ for intergenerational Summer Sunday School. We had a hands-on, eco-friendly craft each week so people could work together.”

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